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Usvalintu time

When in 2006 I started working with reindeer horn, my intention from the beginning was to make quality,

and own kind of jewelry.

I wanted to approach that of traditional materials in new and unconventional ways.

Bring that reindeer horn material back to the present day, festive and everyday jewelery.

They should be individual, beautiful with clean-cut design, good workmanship and material quality.

In 2008, I founded Usvalintu business name, and since then I have that goal to make that job with best of my ability .

My clients were domestic and foreign individuals as well as companies.

When I retired, I ended that business on December 31, 2017.

Now I sell my jewelry as a private person, trouhg this    https://juhankoru.000webhostapp.com

My Reindeer horn jewelry are high-quality Finnish craftsmanship.

Products are manufactured at Pudasjärvi, Metsälä village, on the banks of the Pärjänjoki River16 km from Iso-Syöte.

Individuality, beautiful clear language of form, as well as a good finish are characteristic of my products.

My main products are Reindeer horn jewellery.

I make some Individual products such as the Ring series Scarf holders also from Elk horn.

Once a year Reindeers shed their horn to the forest floor, that is part of the normal lifecycle of reindeers life.

Call in spring time after calf has born and Males (Hirvas) after rutting season just before when the snow flakes falling down, I use these so call "Shedhorn" in all my products.

All metalparts of the jewelry are Silver.

Gemstones and Silver beads give their own beautiful extra value for products.

Wire of Pendants is waxed jewelry wire.

Jewelry box or other product packaging includes in the product price.

Traditionally I use vaxed jewelry wire to all my products but if you like Silver most,

in my shop I can now offer you also Silver Chains and Silk Cords.

However, I will not doing made of order jewelry anymore, but in the store there is allready finished products.

All orders will be sent as a postal package.

Postage- and packing costs will be added to your order, prices does not include Custom or Import Duties,

(also known as impot taxes).

In future send your inquiries about jewelery via order form or e-mail.                 



Payment option is:                                                                            

- Advance payment to my Bank Account                                                          My jewelry on world

In the World