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The store has jewelery ready for delivery.

The store is open every day, there you can best explore the jewelry.

You can also place an order by e-mail, I will send ordered products when an advance is shown in my bank account.

Shipping and packaging costs will added to the delivery.

On the main page of the jewelry-series is marked the current jewelry stock status.

Although jewelry is listed in the store, make sure is there jewelry in that size and color what you want, ask me via e-mail.

I sell my products as a private person, so there is no possibility of a VAT reduction.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I do not have the time to prepare the custom orders.

= In store at last 1 pcs

= Not available at this time

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Cairn Globeflower Luna Stripe Twinflower Groove Scarf holder Circle Onyx Special OFFER
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Work of art to President Niinistö